Why do most customers choose solid tires?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Tire is used to support the vehicle, is the source of vehicle adhesion, many important properties of the vehicle, including mobility, braking, economy, passing, driving safety and carrying capacity have an important impact. There are two kinds of forklift tires, solid tire and pneumatic tire, which are important for improving the life of forklift truck and reducing maintenance cost.

Pneumatic tire: forklift pneumatic tire refers to the use of compressed air into the elastic bag, in order to ease the vibration and impact of the tire movement.

Advantages: easy to install, forklift driver when using bumps little impact, the price is more affordable.

Disadvantages: the service life is not as good as the solid tire, if the hardware factory, glass factory and other metal or glass enterprises are likely to break the tire phenomenon.

Solid tire: forklift solid tire, its carcass is solid, without cord line as skeleton, need not inflate, so no inner tube or air tight layer. The raw material is made of a special kind of rubber material, except for the few hollow cores to maintain the center of gravity, all of which are solid. The tire can be used to prevent nail, bullet proof and debris prevention.

Advantages: good wear resistance, service life is 3-4 times the general pneumatic tire, generally will not break tire phenomenon. Not afraid of pierced tires, bad tires, long service life, 3 to 5 years, do not need to inflate, save a lot of after sale trouble.

Disadvantages: adapt to the poor road capacity, uneven road compared, shockproof ability, riding up slightly inflated than a little bit. The tires are hard and easy to bump. The installation is troublesome and the working procedure is too much. If the installation is not good, the tire will slip between the wheel and the rim.

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