Which items should pay attention to when installing solid tire? Five items

- Nov 17, 2017 -

A solid tire is a kind of tire corresponding to pneumatic tire (hollow tire), whose carcass is solid, without cord as skeleton, without inflation, so no inner tube or air tight layer is needed. The earliest tires were solid tires. Solid tires are currently only used for high speed vehicles or machinery at low speeds, and are also used in fixed position machinery. So in the installation of solid tire should pay attention to the following five points:

1. Use standard rims, deformed or damaged rims. Never use them.

2, before the wheel and tire combination, please clean the rim and tire, must not have sundry, detained in the interior.

3, wheel and tire combination before. Use rubber lubricant or soapy water to wipe the rim of the lip rim. Do not use oily lubricant.

4, wheel and tire combination should pay attention to the mosaic situation, please do not use more than the normal range of wind pressure forced installation, in order to avoid danger.

The solid tire is usually used under high load. It is required that the rubber material has enough pressure resistance and wear resistance. It has high enough extension stress, high hardness, low permanent deformation and good wear resistance.

Solid tire is suitable for low speed and high load operation under harsh conditions vehicle tire industry, its safety, durability, economy and significantly better than the pneumatic tire, widely used in various industrial vehicles, military vehicles, construction machinery, port and airport trailer vehicles etc..

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