What important details should be paid attention to in the storage of forklift tires?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Forklift tires are generally solid tires, because the solid tire will not product the risk of tire blowout, and the carrying capacity is also large, in order to let everyone have a more understanding of forklift tires, and then to introduce the forklift truck tire storage matters needing attention:

1, forklift tires should be stored in the warehouse, the library should be kept dry, ventilated, avoid exposure.

2. If the inner tube needs to be stored separately, it should be filled with proper air. Hanging on the gallows half round, should be regularly rotating fulcrum, not folded flat or stacked.

3 tyre or set of tires shall stand, non flat and stacked through suspension. Large forklift truck tire only single layer vertical release, middle and small forklift tire allows double side vertical release. Turn once every two months.

4, forklift tires should be away from the heat source, power generation equipment and production of ozone sites. Shall not be mixed with oils, chemicals and chemical corrosion products.

5, shipment truck tire, not with oil, combustible, chemical corrosion products mixed, and covered by tarpaulin, avoid sunlight or rain. Long distance transportation must be set up.

6, forklift tire store inventory should record card, forklift tire types, specifications, level, label, production and storage time, storage time and batch stored according to production and use, FIFO, order.

If the forklift tires need to be stored separately, fill in the proper amount of air. In the semi circle of gallows hung, shall not be folded flat or stacked, also due to rolling fulcrum. As with tube storage, tyre or set of forklift tire is not flat, but can not be stacked through suspension, to put; and, for a large truck tire, the only single stand, small and medium sized tires promised double stand, rolling to once every two months.

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