What are the most unusual wear and tear of forklift tires?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

1, In the process of loading running, different types of forklift will have a match with the proper tire pressure, the tire pressure can be stable in a limited scope, forklift tires can often play better during the performance, and also can limit the effects of wear. However, experience in forklift forklift training experience tire pressure change, with the change of the pressure, the tire pressure is insufficient because of the forklift and can not ensure the form would have, if larger or excessive radial deflection, so this way, by forklift forklift training division may also be because of ground tire tread and wear, so this will greatly increase the loss of forklift tire, makes some good performance of the tire can long-term stability.

2, In the process of operation, when the tire pressure of forklift truck is stable, usually it is not prone to abnormal wear. But if the truck under a certain load, if the lift truck speed, so as to speed up the running speed, forklift tire deformation, vibration frequency and matrix distortions are likely to increase, under the influence of these changes, with the increase of friction tires in unit time, then it is easy to aggravate the tire the burden, resulting in unnecessary wear.

And, on the other hand, friction strengthens because it produces higher heat, and the effect of heat will easily damage the performance of fork truck tires, and may even cause cracking and tread spalling. In this regard, in order to do forklift forklift training tire maintenance, reasonable operation is also very necessary.

3, Forklift forklift knowledge training, tire wear in addition to the impact of its own conditions, a lot of external stimulus impact, the harm is also very huge. In the usual course, if you drive a forklift road environment is relatively poor, so the hard pavement damage stimulation, it will be very easy to increase the loss of the tire, sometimes even if only some small gravel or construction residue, continue to stimulate the circumstances, there will still be serious as forklift tire wear.

In addition, as some chemical liquids or corrosive liquids, when the long time contact forklift tires, the tire loss will increase instantly. In this regard, for these environmental factors, in the tire maintenance, you also need to make good consideration, in order to do a good job in forklift truck foundation forklift training tire maintenance, we must fully improve the working conditions, reasonable repair and wear prevention.

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