Installation method of spare tyre for forklift truck tyre

- Nov 17, 2017 -

After removing the forklift tyre, the spare tire is to be installed. Before installing, we need to confirm whether the tire pressure is normal, and if used before the spare tire, to the spare tire tread to do a simple inspection, see if there are scratches, whether there is a stone sandwiched in the gap.

Before installing the spare tyre of forklift truck, it is better to put the disassembled forklift tyre on the bottom of the car to avoid the accident of the wheel landing caused by the dislocation of the jack. After that, you can change the spare tire, in this process, the more difficult is to the spare wheel and the wheel fixed screw alignment, the car is too high, you have to lift the spare tire very high. The author suggests that the best able to find someone to help, if a person with a leg or foot against operation spare tire, prevent displacement.

In the screw, remember not to clockwise or counterclockwise screw will screw up, but in accordance with the order of the diagonal to screw, and in the screw, it is best to each screw the number of turns to be consistent, in order to ensure the force of the screw evenly. After the screw is screwed, we can remove the jack (and remove the tire under the car) to return the vehicle to the ground. After that, we will tighten each screw according to the strength of the body as the tire is removed. It is also diagonal.

Install a spare tire, a simple check to do first and remove the spare tire is placed in the bottom of the vehicle, to avoid accidents, after all tire screw screw on the screw jack and then removed according to the order of the diagonal screw, not clockwise or anti clockwise screw.

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