How to prevent the ring of solid tire

- Nov 17, 2017 -

The tire has the advantages of wear resistance, pressure resistance and so on, it is widely used in many occasions, but because of the structure of solid tires, we will appear in the process of sliding ring phenomenon, how do we avoid this problem?

The solid tire improves the heat generating function of the tire and greatly reduces the heat generation of the tire. Solid tires and rims are pressed together by interference fit, and the heat build-up of the carcass is too high to produce inflation, which results in tyre slip ring. Solid tires have the advantages of good rigidity, large hardness, good stiffness, small deformation, small expansion coefficient and low heat build-up, so they basically eliminate the slip ring phenomenon caused by the expansion of the hub caused by tire heat generation. Anti slip ring is a kind of tire antiskid device for vehicles running on icy road.

The utility model has the advantages of good antiskid effect, no damage to the road surface, convenient installation and use, low cost and simple structure.

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