Four main factors of forklift truck tire

- Nov 17, 2017 -

A tire: forklift tire sidewall to help defuse the bumpy road to the car because of the impact and influence. The general rubber is rich in antioxidants, these antioxidants will gradually release in the process of applying to the tire, the tire sidewall soft and against UV damage. The tire side wall is also marked with all the necessary information. Load index, scale and speed level contains the tire.

Two ply: composed of nylon, polyester and viscose fiber, is the basic elements of forklift tire. These fibers are embedded in the rubber tire, load structure together. Cars are generally two ply, and truck tire ply are also as many as 6 to 8 layers. According to different tire use ply will also have the corresponding design of radial tire design but most drivers will prefer to secure.

Three, tire belt: general steel (ad we often hear about the "semi steel radial tire"), the forklift tire belt can enhance the tire strength and adhere to the integrity of the tire structure precisely, when facing the pressure of car tire belt because of the physical movement form, it can limit the tire motion together avoid tire deformation.

Four, the tire surface is the most essential element of the forklift tire tread. The clutter consists of several different types of rubber, the rubber can not only satisfy the external equilibrium offset wear, flexibility and avoid the deformation of the tyre, together must also be detected in the driver without crossing the small hamper. Use the same tread, must comply with the time control conditions, like a racing car tire will not use everyday, and every day to drive to work people will not use the same tyres.

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