Causes of peeling of engineering tire

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Engineering tire is composed of ply, bead, buffer layer, tread four parts, with good wear resistance, less heat generating tires. And when we use the engineering tire, we will find that sometimes it doesn't take long to tire, but there is peeling phenomenon.

The skin peeling of engineering tires is sometimes related to the selection and installation of tires. Tires are properly installed directly related to the service life of the tire, especially when the replacement of tires, types and patterns of different tires, because the actual size of the engineering tire and ability to meet different, therefore must not be arbitrarily mixed.

At the same time, the tire pressure must be adjusted, the tire pressure is too high or too low is not scientific, will affect the service life of the engineering tire. If the tire pressure is too low, the radial deformation increases, the deformation of both sides of the tire wall is excessive, resulting in the wear of the crown two shoulder, so that the temperature of the tire increases, will seriously reduce the service life of the tire. In addition to the tire pressure of the engineering tire, the cleanliness of the engineering tire is also very important. No matter before driving or driving, to check whether the tire tread the ditch with stones, iron nails or other hard objects, if any, should immediately clean up.

Engineering tires are now widely used in various fields. At the same time, we don't recommend tires to be stored in moist places. If environmental conditions are unavoidable, we also recommend proper maintenance for tyres to extend the use of tires.

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