Solid Loader Tires

Solid Loader Tires is an industrial tire suitable for low-speed, high-load running vehicles. It is widely used in various industrial vehicles, construction machinery, ports, airports, railways, etc. due to its long service life, fatigue resistance and maintenance-free performance. Large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises and flat and towed vehicles in various cargo handling operations.
It adopts a three-layer structure and is popular in Europe and the United States.
Wear-resistant tear-resistant tread rubber - tear resistance, wear resistance, low heat generation, for long-term use.
High-elastic intermediate glue - reduce internal heat, strong shock absorption, high elasticity, good cushioning effect, comfortable driving and long service life.
High-rigidity base rubber - high-strength steel wire ring to improve the good fit between the tire and the rim, preventing idling and slipping.
Highly elastic and easy to install solid tires - easy to install and easy to use, no need for lock rings, retaining rings and pads. In the part of the mouth with a rib, commonly known as with a nose.
Solid Loader Tires role and advantages
1. Resistance to thorns, wear resistance.
2. Low rolling force, energy consumption in Gansu Province.
3. Low temperature rise and long service life.
4. The carcass is strong and comfortable.
5. Tires and rims are sturdy and strong.
As one of leading China solid loader tires manufacturers, we also offer OEM service and custom products. If you're interested in solid loader tires for sale, welcome to check price with our factory.
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