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Mining tires are generally tubeless, tubeless, mainly by internal pressure, the rim and tire ring tight, so the tire should be cleaned before the rim, and coated with anti rust oil on the rim. Correct operation, reasonable loading Requirements must be checked according to the standard before the...

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Mining tires are generally tubeless, without inner tubes, mainly by internal pressure, rims and tires, so the tires should be cleaned before the rim and rustproof oil applied to the rim.


Must be operated correctly and loaded properly.

1. Requirements must be inspected in front of the tire according to the standard, especially the pressure check, low pressure, according to the standard inflation, high pressure, deflation treatment. Before the bicycle is operated, the operator should check the shape and swing of the tire one by one to prevent cutting or cutting under working conditions and even cause an explosion. When starting, keep it smooth and avoid tire slippage.

2. The operator's reasonable speed, strictly in accordance with the correct operating rules, low speed affects production efficiency; speed is too fast, the tire deformation frequency increases, the tire bears greater impact load, not only causes internal insulation, but also frequent due to frequent braking turning, it is easy to cause abnormal wear of the tire, and the beads damage the matrix to stratify and split.

3. Try to choose a good road during the operation, avoid sharp obstacles and uneven places, avoid obstacles and tire collision damage, stop by bicycle obstacles to check whether there are foreign bodies such as double stone. In the trap, do not step on the throttle, try to take measures such as digging, pad, etc., to improve the adhesion of the tire, prevent the tire from idling, more wear. Reduce the cost of independence.

Size of TireRim SizeOutsideStatic RadiusSectionApproxLoad Capacity(kg)Counter Balanced Lift TrucksOtherIndustrial
  DiameterUnder LoadWidthNet Weight   Vehicles(kg)
4.00-83.00D;3.7540820011512.4 10558451020765950715730
5.00-83.00D;3.50D46022112717.8 121097011758801095820840
6.00-94.00E52725614026.2 1920153518551390173012951325
6.00-154.50E69633114845.5 2830209527052000245518201895
6.50-105.00F58128115836.2 264021102545191023701701820
7.00-95.00S55326017135.0 2730201526051925253017901940
7.00-125.00S66232216848.0 3015241029102185271020352075
7.00-155.50S;6.0073236017960.0 3590287534652600322524202475
8.25-156.50;5.50S82240020791.6 4940395047653575444033303405
8.25-206.50T;7.00968472219125.6 5425434052403930488037353475
15×41/2-83.00D;3.25l3801801069.4 985790955715890670680
16×6-84.33R41219714215.0 1500120014451085134510101035
18×7-84.33R44821415420.6 2350188022651700211015851620
9.00-166.50 869418214113.0 5135411049653725462534703550
9.00-206.50T;7.00997471238154.4 6450516062354675580543554450
10.00-207.00/7.50;8.001033508248173.0 7725618074605595694552105330
11.00-207.50;8.001049519270194.0 8440675081606110761056805840
12.00-208.00;8.50;10.001103545285231.0 8640720078856570732061006100
14.00-2410.00 1329636328393.0 127601021013232092401146085958800
FB66×1023.5×25160776049693024425213302160019790  18780
10×16.531×6×10783 252 5627 4977   4328
12×16.533×6×11834 264 6354 5621   4887
3.20-83.00D3251541116.4      500
3.60-83.00D3651721138.8      600

The data listed in the above table is only a parameter of some of our product specifications. We have a variety of mining truck tyres, can fully meet your needs, please contact customer service staff for details.

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