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Features : 3-layer European construstion. All purpose tread cap designed to perform in a wide range of applications. Cushion center and concarve side-walls reduce vibration and inprove ride Euprosoft contorms to all TYire and Rin Association standands Conservation of solid tires five key: Solid...

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Features :

1.This mining machine tire 3-layer European construstion.

2.Multi-purpose tread cover designed for a wide range of applications about mining.

3.Buffer center and sturdy sidewalls reduce vibration and improve ride performance in the process of mining.

4.Euprosoft has an impact on all TYire and Rin Association standards.

Conservation of solid tires five key:

Solid tires are resistant to puncture, high temperature, abrasion and puncture, especially for harsh environments and heavy loads. In order to ensure the long life of solid tires, in addition to proper installation and use, good protection is also essential. There are five key points in curing a tire:

1.Use solid tires within the specified speed range.

Different types of solid tires have different speed levels, and overspeed may cause early damage to the tire. When the road is not good, don't drive too fast, try to reduce the brakes, make sharp turns; avoid the tires hitting other objects, especially sharp and hard objects. High-speed tires tend to heat up. Once the temperature is too high, measures should be taken in time to prevent carcass blasting.

2.Avoid overloading with solid tires.

The tire load should comply with the load specified in the current national standards, and overload is strictly prohibited. Vehicles loaded with cargo should be evenly distributed to avoid uneven tire tread wear. Severe overload can lead to abnormal tire tread wear, shoulder voids, stratification, and toe blasting.


Tires should be regularly changed, truck tires, engineering tires and

Forklift tires and the like in vehicles used for maintenance, if required (eg, one side with severe wear) should be transposed to maintain uniform wear of the tread pattern. After a period of time, the tires of the agricultural tires rotate left and right.

4.Regularly check the condition of the tires.

The condition of solid tires should be checked regularly, as well as early detection of early damage to tires and early damage, and measures should be taken as soon as possible to prevent them.


Solid tires should be stored in the library to avoid sun and rain. Solid tires should be kept away from heat sources, power generation equipment and ozone generating sites. Solid tires cannot be mixed with oil, flammable and chemically corrosive.

Size of TireRim SizeOutsideStatic RadiusSectionApproxLoad Capacity(kg)Counter Balanced Lift TrucksOtherIndustrial
  DiameterUnder LoadWidthNet Weight   Vehicles(kg)
4.00-83.00D;3.7540820011512.4 10558451020765950715730
5.00-83.00D;3.50D46022112717.8 121097011758801095820840
6.00-94.00E52725614026.2 1920153518551390173012951325
6.00-154.50E69633114845.5 2830209527052000245518201895
6.50-105.00F58128115836.2 264021102545191023701701820
7.00-95.00S55326017135.0 2730201526051925253017901940
7.00-125.00S66232216848.0 3015241029102185271020352075
7.00-155.50S;6.0073236017960.0 3590287534652600322524202475
7.50-105.00F63330317248.2 2930234528252120263019752020
7.50-155.50F76636720076.2 3690295034252570319023952450
8.25-125.00S73134620673.0 3325266032152410299522452295
8.25-156.50;5.50S82240020791.6 4940395047653575444033303405
8.25-206.50T;7.00968472219125.6 5425434052403930488037353475
15×41/2-83.00D;3.25l3801801069.4 985790955715890670680
16×5-94.00 41019012512.0 10508401010750940700710
16×6-84.33R41219714215.0 1500120014451085134510101035
18×7-84.33R44821415420.6 2350188022651700211015851620
23×9-106.50F59027921150.0 3420273533002475307523052355
27×10-128.00G67532023171.0 4465357043153235402030153080
28×9-157.00 70033520762.64090327039452960367527552820
200/50-106.50 45421119824.42470185022401680190014252050
300-158.00 820384257112.0 5990479057804335538040354130
3.20-83.00D3251541116.4      500
3.60-83.00D3651721138.8      600
930×305 903416290164.87190575069505225648048704960
10.00-207.50 1033508248173.0 7480559072305420673050305160
12.00-208.00/8.501104511285238.0 8106648577945860730256175590
14.00-2410.00 1370594328438.0 1186594901139085451068080108185
5.00-83.00D46222111718.0 121097011758801095820840

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