Vented Solid Tire

Vented Solid Tire features a unique tread tape construction that is highly resistant to wear and low heat. In addition, the optimized and reinforced tire bead design gives it a strong grip and excellent impact resistance, making it ideal for highways and general road conditions.
Advantages of Vented Solid Tire
1. The latest industrial technology;
2. Increase the shock absorption effect;
3. Long wearing quality;
4. Excellent low rolling resistance;
5. Natural rubber;
6. Good fatigue resistance;
7. High stability and maximum safety;
8. Best grip and traction;
9. Can provide seamless tires and click on solid tires;
10.Premium 3 stage rubber compound.
As one of leading China vented solid tire manufacturers, Yantai Xinlong company also offers OEM service and custom products. We are committed to the most durable and cost effective vented solid tire products. The structure, formula and pattern design of our products have been scientifically tested on site, with the advantages of good safety performance, high bearing capacity, strong wear resistance and long service life, providing users with the best tire solutions.
If you're interested in vented solid tire for sale, welcome to check price with our factory.
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