Tire Rims

The rim is a wooden wheel used in the past without the overall iron wheel era, but a complete wheel is too big for woodworking, inconvenient to make, and produces a lot of waste, which is too uneconomical. Thus, a circular wheel is divided into a number of arcs (up to eight) and finally combined into a complete circle. Each of these curved wheel parts is called "rut" or "rim". Now, borrow this name and put the parts of the wheel that mount and support the tire are called rims, commonly known as rims, and the wheels form the wheels. The rims and spokes can be unitary, permanently connected or detachable.
There are two main types of tire rims: deep rims and flat rims; there are also split rims, semi-deep rims, deep groove rims, flat bottom rims, and full slant rims.
Since the rim is the basis for the assembly and fixing of the tire, when the tire is loaded with different rims, the position and size of the deformation also change. Therefore, each type of tire is well equipped with the specified standard rim, and can also be equipped with a rim (allowing rim) of similar size to the standard tire. If the rim is not properly selected, it will cause early damage to the tire, especially when used on a narrow rim.
Yantai Xinlong is one of leading China tire rims manufacturers, offering OEM service as well as custom products. All products of tire rims for sale are with comeptitive price. Welcome to contact our factory for further details.
  • forklift Rims

    forklift Rims

    The forklift Rims can be used for pneumatic and pneumatically formed solid tires as well as solid snap-in tires.
    Heavy duty rim wheels typically support more load than the...

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  • 15 Inch Chrom Rims

    15 Inch Chrom Rims

    15 Inch Chrom Rims is a low pressure casting wheel.
    Low pressure casting uses a positive pressure to move molten aluminum into the mold more quickly and to obtain a finished product with...

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  • Complete Rims

    Complete Rims

    Advantage 1> high quality/excellent price/attractive design 2> all kinds of bicycle/dependable performance 3> a complete range of specification 4> a great variety of models 5>...

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  • Industrial Rims

    Industrial Rims

    Our Advantages: 1.Specialize in Steel wheel rim manufacturing for a long time 2.Advanced Steel wheel rim equipment and excellent team 3.Highly skilled Steel wheel rim manufacturing process...

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  • Split Rims

    Split Rims

    Product size: 5.00f-10 (split wheel rims) for tire 650x10 Material: steel wheels, Q235B, Q345B; Color: painted, grey, black, red, yellow, white, sliver, etc; Place of origin: yantai,...

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  • forklift Wheel Rim

    forklift Wheel Rim

    We supply and export starter,alternator, roller support, leaf chain, PU wheel, wheel rim, seat, forks, tires, chain pulley, spherical bearing, filter, radiator etc for all major brand of forklift,...

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  • Truck Rims

    Truck Rims

    Specifications 1.Supply to USA,Europe,and Austrilia 2.Material: 6061-T6 3.Drop forged 4.Double polished Our Service 1. OEM Manufacturing welcome: Product, Package... 2. Sample order 3. We will...

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  • Tyre Rim

    Tyre Rim

    Advantage 1.Supply to USA,Europe,and Austrilia 2.Matrial:356T6/ADC12 3.Professional Perfomance Auto parts supplier 4.Available size from 12 inch to 22 inch 5.Special service: OEM/ODM/Customized...

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  • forklift Wheel

    forklift Wheel

    Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details 10pcs Tire factory in china forklift parts rims wheels Package : bulk or carton Delivery Time : within 14 days Delivery Time within 14 days

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  • Wheel Rim

    Wheel Rim

    Rim: Cutting –Edge Rolling –Full Rolling–Double Cutting–Hole Verifying – Manuel Welding –Polishing –Cinder Cleaning–Expansion–Contraction–Air Hole Punching –Lathe Rim Disk: Cutting...

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