• Chinese OEM Solid Tire

    Chinese OEM Solid Tire

    A solid tire is a tire corresponding to a pneumatic tire (hollow tire). The carcass of the chinese oem solid tire is solid.
    It does not need a cord as a skeleton and does not need to be...

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  • High Quality Explosion-proof Tires

    High Quality Explosion-proof Tires

    In the event of a damaged tire leak in a normal tire, the tire must be replaced immediately at the fault location, even if the fault occurs in a dangerous place such as a busy road.

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  • Mould on OTR Solid Tires

    Mould on OTR Solid Tires

    Mould on otr solid tires is a very important part of the equipment that determines the final machining process.
    Our highly skilled and experienced engineers will inspect and study design...

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  • Solid Solid Tire

    Solid Solid Tire

    ​The solid tire is designed in a three-stage design, and the three rubbers ensure the overall performance of the tires.
    The high rigidity and high strength base rubber and steel ring...

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  • Alloy Wheels Steel Rims

    Alloy Wheels Steel Rims

    Alloy wheels steel rims transfer this heat to the air faster than steel rims, increasing the safety factor.
    The total spare wheel can be reduced by eight kilograms; the lighter rim can...

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  • Aluminum Truck Wheels

    Aluminum Truck Wheels

    High-security aluminum truck wheels include a hub body, and the hub body is composed of a wheel cadmium, a groove bottom and an offset.
    The utility model is characterized in that a...

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  • Black and Red Rims for Truck

    Black and Red Rims for Truck

    Black And Red Rims For Truck is one of the most sought after and hard to find wheel settings on the go!
    We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf and customizable wheel options, black and...

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  • Black Rims with Tires

    Black Rims with Tires

    For a long time, steel wheels have dominated the wheel manufacturing industry.
    However, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, people's requirements for vehicle safety,...

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  • Wheels and Rims for Trucks

    Wheels and Rims for Trucks

    ​Wheels And Rims For Trucks wheels are manufactured using advanced rotary forging technology.
    When the wheel rotates at a high speed, the rim of the wheel is forged under high pressure....

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  • Chrome Alloy Wheel

    Chrome Alloy Wheel

    ​We offer a full line of Chrome Alloy Wheel wheels for a wide range of styles for trucks and SUVs.
    Chrome Alloy Wheel offers a variety of finishes, including chrome, black and machined, as...

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  • 15 Inch Chrom Rims

    15 Inch Chrom Rims

    15 Inch Chrom Rims is a low pressure casting wheel.
    Low pressure casting uses a positive pressure to move molten aluminum into the mold more quickly and to obtain a finished product with...

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  • forklift Rims

    forklift Rims

    The forklift Rims can be used for pneumatic and pneumatically formed solid tires as well as solid snap-in tires.
    Heavy duty rim wheels typically support more load than the...

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