• Honeycomb Military Rires

    Honeycomb Military Rires

    Honeycomb military rires are made of new materials and is made with reference to the internal structure of the honeycomb so that it does not have to be inflated like a normal tire. Read More

  • Puncture Resistant Truck Tires

    Puncture Resistant Truck Tires

    Puncture Resistant Truck Tires is a layer of high-quality rubber.
    After inflation, the external tension increases and a certain pressure is formed on the inner surface, which improves the...

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  • Black and Chrome Truck Rims

    Black and Chrome Truck Rims

    Black and chrome card wheels are made of chrome for durability.
    It features a rugged six-spoke design that gives you the hard-core look your vehicle deserves.
    The tough look of an...

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  • Black and Chrome Wheels

    Black and Chrome Wheels

    Black and chrome wheels are usually polished and mildly acidified.
    Then first plated a layer of nickel, then a layer of copper, and finally chrome.
    The adhesion of the coatings to...

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  • Chrome Wheel for Trucks

    Chrome Wheel for Trucks

    The Chrome Wheel For Trucks are a separate six spokes, each with a chamfer.
    Each spoke moves with great force to meet the good gears that the machine cuts.
    Designed for trucks and...

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  • Solid Resilient Tyres

    Solid Resilient Tyres

    The solid resilient tyres use shape memory alloys (mainly nickel-titanium and its derivatives) as load-bearing components for the wheels, remembering their original shape.
    These shape...

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  • Airless Truck Tires

    Airless Truck Tires

    People often refer to tubeless tires as "vacuum tires". As the name implies, there are tires without inner tubes.
    A vacuum sealing layer of about 2 to 3 mm thick is attached to the inner...

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  • forklift Pneumatic Tires

    forklift Pneumatic Tires

    Product features
    1. The forklift pneumatic tires are airtight. This tire has an airtight layer made of a special butyl rubber mixture. A rubber sealing layer of about 2-3 mm thick for...

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  • Non Inflatable Tires

    Non Inflatable Tires

    Car tires are the most critical part of the vehicle's operation, which can alleviate the bumps of the vehicle on the road, and also better protect the vehicle's steel ring.
    If there is a...

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  • Electric forklift Tires

    Electric forklift Tires

    The electric forklift tires are made of all-rubber, which ensures the puncture resistance of the tires to the utmost extent, and fundamentally eliminates the risk of tire piercing of industrial...

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  • Grabber Truck Tires

    Grabber Truck Tires

    Product introduction
    The grabber truck tires provide synergy for comfort, durability and performance.
    Whether you are on the way to work or errands in the city, you will notice that...

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  • Tires General Grabber

    Tires General Grabber

    Among tires general grabber,pneumatic tires are now the most widely used type of tire, and the range of tires that correspond to pneumatic tires – compared to solid tires – is relatively narrow....

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