Engineer Tires

Engineer tires are divided into heavy duty dump truck tires, loader tires, excavator tires, scraper tires, pusher tires and roller tires. According to the shape of the tire section, it can be divided into narrow base tires, wide base tires and ultra wide base tires.
Designed for transporting heavy loads;
Deeper tread depth, wide and flat tread radius for high load carrying capacity and cut resistance;
Tilted edges and open shoulders for higher lateral stability for better driving behavior and maximum traction on curved terrain;
Special tread design for excellent cleaning on muddy floors;
Suitable for heavy construction vehicles such as rigid dump trucks.
Under normal circumstances, the family car can be replaced every 60,000 kilometers or two years, but the engine tires with serious pattern wear should be replaced earlier. In addition, the increase in tread cracks is also a sign of serious tire aging. In daily use, engineers tires users must pay special attention to the maintenance of the tires.
As one of leading China engineer tires manufacturers, we also offer OEM service and custom products. If you're interested in engineer tires for sale, welcome to check price with our factory.
  • Chrome Wheel for Trucks

    Chrome Wheel for Trucks

    The Chrome Wheel For Trucks are a separate six spokes, each with a chamfer.
    Each spoke moves with great force to meet the good gears that the machine cuts.
    Designed for trucks and...

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  • Black and Chrome Wheels

    Black and Chrome Wheels

    Black and chrome wheels are usually polished and mildly acidified.
    Then first plated a layer of nickel, then a layer of copper, and finally chrome.
    The adhesion of the coatings to...

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  • Black and Chrome Truck Rims

    Black and Chrome Truck Rims

    Black and chrome card wheels are made of chrome for durability.
    It features a rugged six-spoke design that gives you the hard-core look your vehicle deserves.
    The tough look of an...

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  • Puncture Resistant Truck Tires

    Puncture Resistant Truck Tires

    Puncture Resistant Truck Tires is a layer of high-quality rubber.
    After inflation, the external tension increases and a certain pressure is formed on the inner surface, which improves the...

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  • Solideal Industrial Tires

    Solideal Industrial Tires

    Products have been certified by ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, DOT, ECE, E-SOUND, REACH, GCC, CCC, SONCAP, PVOC, NOM, INMETRO and other applicable standards required by particular countries. Our service: •...

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  • Chrome and Black Rims

    Chrome and Black Rims

    Industry leading durability and performance, excels in 3-shift, high-load and long-run demanding applications – 10% less rolling resistance than leading competitor – less fuel consumption. The...

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