OTR Tires

Advanced tread compositions provide improved wear, low heat and cut resistance, while serrated grooves provide better traction on rock and gravel surfaces.
The non-directional pattern provides wear and cut resistance on stone and gravel surfaces.
The angle of the lugs is unique and provides longer wear and greater stability.
The high-turning carcass structure prevents external damage and has greater lateral stiffness for improved ride comfort and sidewall cutting.
Support side protection helps protect against external damage, reducing side wall barriers and cutting.
The flexible OTR belt line forms a tough, multi-layer, cross-layer steel tape package for added durability. Its high-hardness rubber bead filler has a strong torsional stiffness and a longer service life.
Classification of off-road tires
Road tires
All terrain tires
Mud tires
In addition to the three common off-road tires, there are some more professional but rare tire types, such as snow tires, rainforest tires, rock climbing tires, desert tires, etc.
Yantai Xinlong is one of leading China otr tires manufacturers, offering OEM service as well as custom products. All products of otr tires for sale are with comeptitive price. Welcome to contact our factory for further details.
  • Black and Chrome Wheels

    Black and Chrome Wheels

    Black and chrome wheels are usually polished and mildly acidified.
    Then first plated a layer of nickel, then a layer of copper, and finally chrome.
    The adhesion of the coatings to...

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  • Black and Chrome Truck Rims

    Black and Chrome Truck Rims

    Black and chrome card wheels are made of chrome for durability.
    It features a rugged six-spoke design that gives you the hard-core look your vehicle deserves.
    The tough look of an...

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  • Puncture Resistant Truck Tires

    Puncture Resistant Truck Tires

    Puncture Resistant Truck Tires is a layer of high-quality rubber.
    After inflation, the external tension increases and a certain pressure is formed on the inner surface, which improves the...

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  • Chrome Wheel for Trucks

    Chrome Wheel for Trucks

    The Chrome Wheel For Trucks are a separate six spokes, each with a chamfer.
    Each spoke moves with great force to meet the good gears that the machine cuts.
    Designed for trucks and...

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  • Honeycomb Military Rires

    Honeycomb Military Rires

    Honeycomb military rires are made of new materials and is made with reference to the internal structure of the honeycomb so that it does not have to be inflated like a normal tire. Read More

  • Solideal Industrial Tires

    Solideal Industrial Tires

    Products have been certified by ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, DOT, ECE, E-SOUND, REACH, GCC, CCC, SONCAP, PVOC, NOM, INMETRO and other applicable standards required by particular countries. Our service: •...

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  • Chrome and Black Rims

    Chrome and Black Rims

    Industry leading durability and performance, excels in 3-shift, high-load and long-run demanding applications – 10% less rolling resistance than leading competitor – less fuel consumption. The...

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  • Airless Military Tires

    Airless Military Tires

    Product Description: Spong tire is a kind of tire is filled with elastic sponge instead of compressed gas in the cavity of tire tread.it is not afraid of puncture but in slow driving speed. Our...

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  • Camper Tires

    Camper Tires

    Specifications Delivery:within 15 days Quality:best Certification:DOT,ECE,GCC,COC,E-Mark INMETRO,etc... Unit price:competitive Pattern Advantages: Excellent braking and driving performance, high...

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  • Military Airless Tires

    Military Airless Tires

    Available size:15.5-20, 1200X500-508, 1300x530-533, 1500x600-635, 1600x600-685, 13.00-20, 16.00-20 1,Suitable for bad and mixed road 2,Wide and enclosed type shoulder design 3,Military quality and...

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  • Army Tires

    Army Tires

    Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details 1. Plastic paper wapped 2. Ad your requirement Delivery Time within 20 working days after receiving the advance payment Specifications 1.TBR truck prices...

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  • Black Chrome Rims

    Black Chrome Rims

    Packaging: 1pcs/ctn Soft cap, plastic bag, and guard ring inside, hard carton outside Normal packaging , paperboard, special one will be charged by customer Delivery detail: 1.By express: Fedex,...

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