When The Solid Tire Meets The Conditions, It Is Necessary To Consider The Replacement Of The New Tire

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Generally speaking, the solid tire is the key component of the car driving, and the quality of the tire also directly determines the comfort and safety of the car. The importance of tires is obvious, so what circumstances do you need to change tires?

First, the tire markings wear to the limit. The tread tread groove has a slightly protruding tread wear indicator at the bottom, with a height of 1.6 millimeters. If tread rubber patches are worn to the same height as those protrusions, you should immediately replace tires, which are no longer safe because of continuous control.

Two, the use of worn tires on the slippery road, will occur "water floating scene", add control risk out of control. Because of the excessive wear of tires, tread markings can not discharge the water below the tire, which will lead to vehicle out of control.

Three. Tires are aging now. If there is a tire deformation or obvious cracking scene, please immediately stop using these tires, and timely professional tire technicians to check to determine whether the tire can continue to use.

Four, tire nail repair more than three times. One or two times the tire tire will not affect the use, but more than three times, for safety considerations suggest that the replacement of tire. Because the tire temperature increases and damages too much when driving at high speed, although it has been compensated, the probability of risk presentation is still added.

A solid tire repair, is certainly a better approach, but as long as the repair will be a security risk, under normal circumstances should be damaged tire replacement tires, tire manufacturers is so requested.

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