What Measures Should Be Taken After Solid Tire Loss?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Compared with pneumatic tires, solid tires are more wear resistant. Solid tire is mainly used for low speed and large load lifting vehicles, traction vehicles and industrial vehicles and carts, solid tire is also widely used in all walks of life, that once the damage, how should be handled?

Damage treatment of solid tire:

The tyre has cracks, piercing, blistering, delamination damage, should according to the specific circumstances of repair or renovation. There is one after another crack tire carcass around the tread is smooth and has a large hole, carcass layer ring line break and whole circle parting situation, should be replaced.

The inner tube, a small hole can be found when hot or cold patch. Is rough around the tube damage file, will fire up glue on the damage, and make the hole hole just in the center of glue, and then the tire clamp for the normalizing glue installed, tighten the screw press then ignite fire up heating agent, adhesive to 10-15min, can be closely bonded.

Third, timely replacement: if the tube has a folding, breaking serious, aging, sticking, deformation and other issues can not be corrected, you need to replace in time. Together to develop a regular view of tire pressure, it is best to check once every other month, tire pressure is not enough, should make up for time. Before the high-speed, but also routine inspection, to ensure traffic safety.

In the daily use of solid tires in the process, because many owners ignore the tire situation, which is easy to lead to the onset of the incident. As long as the usual attention to check and maintenance, to develop good driving habits, in order to secure the world.

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