What Are The Warning Signs Of Solid Tyres Before Scrapping?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Forklift solid tire is an important component of forklifts, if in the process of moving once the failure and other shortcomings, the consequences of the forklift will be disastrous, can lead to vehicles lost control, and even difficult to reach the destination. As long as a clear understanding of the tire deformation, whether the performance of the decline, you can replace the new tires in time to prevent the emergence of shortcomings.

Failure omen of solid tire for forklift truck:

1, tread tread depth. The tread markings must be greater than 1.6 millimeters, and if you always drive on a slippery road with low friction, it is best to ensure that the tread markings are two times as thick as the above values. Can buy a meter to measure the thickness of the tread markings, can also use a one yuan coin, along the direction of the top national emblem pierce tread gully, because the top of the coin edge to the national emblem in the interval between 1 to 2 mm, so if you can see the entire national emblem logo, clarify the tread thickness markings. Now the lack of.

2. Tread pattern wear indication line. Because the new tires have a more humane plan than the old ones: the tread markings. When the tire is very new or very low wear, these lines will almost not be detected, but when the wear reaches a certain extent, these hidden in the tread groove of the indicator line presented.

3. Tire side wall crack. Because the tire problems are not fully assembled in the tread, the tire sidewall will also show some disadvantages. Through observation, find the cracks and cuts on the sidewall of the tire directly visible to the naked eye. These subtle grooves indicate a possible leak on the tires, worse, and even a burst of tires, which we all want to prevent.

Because it is inevitable to vibrate in the course of moving forward, especially when the road is poor. For those who already have the experience of driving, they can feel themselves to determine how the solid tires of the forklift vibrate in a reasonable range, and what kind of tremor explains the shortcomings of the vehicle.

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