The Selection And Installation Of Solid Tires Directly Affect The Service Life

- Nov 17, 2017 -

The correct installation of solid tires is directly related to the service life of tires, especially when the tires are replaced. The type and markings not the same as the actual scale of each tire, and tire load can not, must not be arbitrarily mixed. In addition, if you can not fully grasp the tire replacement technology, we suggest you still to the professional tire shop or vehicle special repair department to replace.

1, the front and rear wheels adhere to the accurate orientation

Using his front wheel positioning of a great impact on the tire, and especially in the toe and camber is the primary factor. The front wheel camber will accelerate the wear of the shoulder, that is, eccentric wear; the front wheel toe is mainly to accelerate the wear of the tire inside and outside side.

2. It is necessary to have common air pressure

The tire pressure is the life of the tire, the air pressure is too low, the deformation of the carcass increases, and the side of the tire is short of cracks, which causes excessive heat build-up, promotes the aging of rubber, fatigue of the ply, and breaks the cord. The pressure is too low, will make the tire contact area increases accelerated shoulder wear; pressure is too high, will cause the tire cord by excessive extension and deformation of carcass elasticity decreased, the car was on a trek in increasing load, in the case of impact will attack the internal crack and the blasting pressure is too high, together will accelerate the tread wear and the rolling resistance function decline.

3, control habits conform to scientific appeal

The driver in driving in addition to handling the situation, to choose the road journey, avoid sharp stones, glass, metal and tire from scratch may be punctured, chemical spills material of tire adhesion, avoid corrosion of the tire; wade in bigger camber of the road, try to avoid and reduce car travel center, center of gravity offset, on one side of the tire load reduction increases uneven wear; reasonable loading is the basic common sense, under normal circumstances, reduce the overload of 20% tire 30% days, 40% days and 50% to reduce tire overload; other sharp turns, emergency braking, rapid start and rapid acceleration will influence on tire attack, the driver is to avoid on the road.

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