The Invention Process Of Inflated Solid Tire

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Early tires are free of inflation. The wheels are made of wood or iron, the suspension structure of the car is not perfect, and the road condition is bad. Even though the speed of the car is not high, it is still bumpy.

A navy captain to take the car back early feelings as follows: "I was the first attempt to horseless vehicles. In 1896, I was driving on a rugged granite road in a wheel car, and the jolt of the car reminded me of the instructions on the bottle - shake it before taking it".

In 1845, a blacksmith in Britain got the first patent for rubber inflatable tires. He made the inner tube out of canvas covered with rubber, wrapped in leather to resist rough road wear, and then filled the air.

Solid rubber tires are almost universal in 1900.

In order to improve the performance of the solid tire, the manufacturer filled a variety of things in the rubber tube as damping material. Solid tire applications have been going on for a long time, but to improve the performance of solid tires have great limitations, people have looked at the inflatable tires.

In 1895, the French blue was invented in 1888 after improvement of bicycle tire mounted on the vehicle, to participate in the Paris Bordeaux game, only the first car use this car tire.

In 1911, the United States Hartmann rubber and tire company's financial manager Philip, an invention of Strauss in 1894 was found in Alexander Strauss's file, then the fabric in a direction stretching is unchanged in another direction. So they were using this invention, launched a complete tyre, with rubber and fabric woven tire filled with rubber tube. At this point, the inflatable tire has been completely successful, the car really put on the modern shoes".

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