Solid Tire Manufacturers Advise When To Change Tires

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Solid tyre manufacturers told us that the solid tyre generally normal service life is four to five years, five years after the tread wear whatever good we have to replace, because the rubber tire is due to long time aging, and many tiny crack is caused by burst tire.

According to the different solid rubber formula, the environment and driving habits of the car, the life of the solid tire will vary. So, we need to drive more heart, solid tire aging is also a sign. For example, most of the tread aging is from the edge of the tire or fetal shoulder edge began to appear small cracks, these cracks indicate that the solid tire bearing capacity and quality has begun to decline, in order to reduce the risk of tire blowout, it is best to replace in advance.

In addition to aging, the solid tire is also natural wear. Therefore, the wear limit of the solid tire will be marked on the tire side before leaving the factory so as to indicate the real wear condition of the solid tire. For solid tyres without wear marks, we can also use caliper to measure, the general groove depth of less than 1.6 millimeters of solid tire can not continue to use, because at this time the solid tire drainage performance and anti sticking performance will be greatly reduced. In addition, if a solid tire has been repaired three or four times, then the solid tire manufacturers suggest that you'd better change the solid tire to the rear wheel, in order to reduce the risk of tire blowout.

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