Self Checking Method For Dark Leakage Phenomenon Of Solid Tire

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Tire is a lot of solid tire problems, sometimes nail into the tire did not pull out, which constitutes a dark leakage, usually the owners simply ignore this problem, but so let the tire leak not repaired, it will become a security risk. This requires the owner timing tires self-test, early detection of doubt.

Self leak detection method for solid tire:

The nail pierced, such as: the tire is punctured the foreign body is the most common injury, including screws, nails, wire, glass etc.. These sharp things, if the wound is a little bit smaller, will make the tire leak. At this point, we can find out the foreign matter on the tire surface only by careful investigation. If we hide deeper, we can spread some water on the tire surface, and the damaged area will be bubbling and even frustrated.

The damage, tire side surface: if do not pay attention to the owners of parking, the tire may rub rub to the curb, many times will constitute the dark side of tire damage, leakage. It also makes the tyre bulge and the probability of adding a flat tire. And the side of the tire damage can be seen directly, if damaged, perhaps bulging, must quickly replace the new tires.

Third, wheel hub deformation: if the current passenger car tires, in order to prevent leakage, wheels and tires are tight fit. If the wheel hub is deformed, it will affect the tight fitting with the tire, forming a tire leakage. If the tire deformation is severe, we can see it with rubbing eyes. If no image, we need to remove the tire, at the junction of watering tires and wheels, the wheel is a cheongsam local deformation of dark leak.

Because the solid tire leakage question is more complex, and as the owner of the car, usually have to pay more attention to road conditions, as little as possible to go to the bad road, not on the curb, often investigation of the tire status, can reduce probability of tyre leakage. If the dark leakage occurs, timely self-test, so it can also reduce the maintenance time, but also to prevent some black heart shop pit money.

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