Comparison Of Advantages And Disadvantages Between Solid Tires And Inflated Tires Of Forklift Truck Tires

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Fork truck tires have solid tires and hollow inflatable tires. Generally speaking, the standard of forklift truck is inflatable tire. Because inflatable tires are the most widely used, and the price is much cheaper than solid tires.

Inflatable tires also have some defects; for example, in the road more chaotic places, such as ground broken stones, iron filings, waste residue and more places, hollow inflated tires on the performance of the considerable weakness, durability is very poor, but also prone to the phenomenon of flat tire. Well, solid tyres are a good solution to this problem. Durability is better, explosion-proof, safety, weighing capacity and so on are its advantages

Therefore, many customers want to buy a forklift truck can be equipped with a solid tire, so that it can be better applicable to a variety of working conditions. Of course, the solid tire price is a lot more expensive than the pneumatic tyre, is about 3 times the price of ordinary pneumatic tyre. Take the ordinary 3 tons 3 meters of diesel forklift speaking, the original 3 inflatable tires replaced by ordinary solid tires, probably need to add more than 3000 yuan.

So, the solid tire is the best choice, only the price of a soft rib? In fact, inflatable tires still have many advantages, such as more damage to the ground, more quiet, replacement and maintenance easier, lighter, more energy savings, better shock absorption, better anti slip performance, high sensitivity and other handling.

Therefore, it seems that there is no absolute good or bad, but need to choose according to the actual use of the situation. If the ground is too poor, the ordinary inflatable tire wear resistance, anti pinning can not reach, the solid tire is a good choice. In addition, pneumatic tires are the best choice.

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