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Product introduction

This tire is specially designed for trucks and has good performance. Its wear resistance and grip ability are very good. Moreover, it is possible to effectively prevent slipping to ensure the safety of the vehicle during exercise. This tire has good durability and is very reasonable in structural design. In addition, it is also resistant to puncture, so it can be adapted to the exercise of various conditions of the road.

Tire maintenance

1.Keep the distance between the high-speed driving, avoid unnecessary or frequent braking (brake), reduce damage to the tires, and pay attention to the depth of the tire for your own safety. The friction between the tires and the road surface is reduced. Long moving distance, do not drive at high speed.

2.There is a one-to-one correspondence between the load of the tire and the air pressure. If the load is too high, it is similar to the low air pressure, which will cause damage to the tire. It is often used under overload and the service life of the tire will be reduced by 20%-50%. At the same time, the fault is wrong. The loading method also causes uneven tire load, which affects the excessively long life of individual tire loads.

3.Air pressure is the life of the tire. The inflation pressure of the tire must meet the air pressure specified by the national standard for different types and specifications of tires. Always check the air pressure of the tire. If the air pressure is too high or too low, it will cause abnormal wear, crack at the bottom of the groove, breakage of the cord, delamination of the ply, tire blasting, etc. If it is to continue at high speed, the air pressure should be increased at the standard pressure. 5%-10%; at the same time, the tire will rise due to the temperature rise after the tire is running, and the air cannot be deflated at this time.

4.It is necessary to properly position the tires on the vehicle in time (maintaining the tires during the maintenance and secondary maintenance of the vehicle), keeping the tires evenly worn and prolonging the service life; the tires with slightly larger outer diameters should be installed on the outer wheels.

5.Do not use the refurbished tires on the front wheels; use the vertical lines of the tires on the front wheels and the horizontal lines on the rear wheels.

6. The tires wear to the wear mark and must be exchanged.


Size of TireRim SizeOutsideStatic RadiusSectionApproxLoad Capacity(kg)Counter Balanced Lift TrucksOtherIndustrial
  DiameterUnder LoadWidthNet Weight   Vehicles(kg)
3.5-5/3.03.00SP2981451006.2 760610735550682515525
5.00-83.00D;3.50D46022112717.8 121097011758801095820840
6.00-94.00E52725614026.2 1920153518551390173012951325
6.00-154.50E69633114845.5 2830209527052000245518201895
6.50-105.00F58128115836.2 264021102545191023701701820
7.00-95.00S55326017135.0 2730201526051925253017901940
7.00-125.00S66232216848.0 3015241029102185271020352075
7.00-155.50S;6.0073236017960.0 3590287534652600322524202475
7.50-105.00F63330317248.2 2930234528252120263019752020
7.50-155.50F76636720076.2 3690295034252570319023952450
8.25-125.00S73134620673.0 3325266032152410299522452295
8.25-156.50;5.50S82240020791.6 4940395047653575444033303405
8.25-206.50T;7.00968472219125.6 5425434052403930488037353475
15×41/2-83.00D;3.25l3801801069.4 985790955715890670680
16×5-94.00 41019012512.0 10508401010750940700710
16×6-84.33R41219714215.0 1500120014451085134510101035
18×7-84.33R44821415420.6 2350188022651700211015851620
23×9-106.50F59027921150.0 3420273533002475307523052355
27×10-128.00G67532023171.0 4465357043153235402030153080
28×9-157.00 70033520762.64090327039452960367527552820
200/50-106.50 45421119824.42470185022401680190014252050
300-158.00 820384257112.0 5990479057804335538040354130

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