Transfer Vehicle Tire

The transfer vehicle tire is one of the important components of the vehicle. It directly contacts the road surface and cooperates with the vehicle suspension to alleviate the impact of the vehicle when driving. It ensures good ride comfort and ride smoothness, and ensures the wheels and road surface. With good adhesion, improving the traction, braking and passing of the vehicle, and bearing the weight of the car, the important role of the tire in the car has been paid more and more attention.
The transfer vehicle tire is designed for trucks and performs well. This tire has good durability and is very reasonable. In addition, it is puncture resistant, so it can adapt to the movement of various road conditions.
1. Reasonable and exquisite tread design, effectively improve traction and reduce rolling resistance, which is conducive to improving the safety and stability of the vehicle during operation.
2. The soft elastic layer of this tire improves driving comfort and reduces equipment maintenance.
3. This tire uses a high hardness hard base compound with low deflection and excellent stability.
4. It is heat-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-static, light green, zero-divided, anti-cutting, anti-wear, anti-slip.
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