Solid forklift Tires

As a highly efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading and short-distance transportation, the sturdy forklift tires play a very important role in the logistics system of the enterprise and are the main force in material handling equipment.
Classification and characteristics:
1. Forklift pneumatic tires, the advantages are: easy to install, less bumps, and the price is relatively affordable;
2. Forklift solid tires, its advantages are: good wear resistance and long service life.
Solid forklift tires are widely used in airports, entertainment venues, coal mines, construction sites, container yards, industrial and mining enterprises, food factories, foundries, garbage dumps, material handling, military, ports, waste recycling plants, steel plants, wood processing plants and warehouses.
1. High security. The inside of the tire is completely filled with elastic adhesive tape, and the tire is broken and the tire is broken. Multiple travellers are designed to handle any situation.
2. Strong wear resistance. The unique tread makes the "frictional effect" of the contact surface greatly increase, reduces the rolling resistance, and enhances the tear resistance and wear resistance of the tread.
3. Good shock absorption. Good shock absorption performance, normal temperature and low temperature grip combined with unique patterns to adapt to any harsh environment.
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