General Tire

Ordinary tires usually consist of a tire, a tube, and a pad. There is also a need for an inner tube, and the inner layer of the tire has a rubber layer with a good airtightness, and a special rim is required. The structure of tires in all countries of the world is developing in the direction of tubeless, meridian structure, flat (the ratio of height and width of tire section is small) and weight reduction.
The casing is composed of a carcass, a buffer layer (or belt), a tread, a sidewall and a bead. The tire section can be divided into several separate areas: the crown zone, the shoulder zone (tread slope), the flexion zone (the sidewall zone), the reinforcement zone and the bead zone.
1. Resistance to tread pattern design, with excellent traction performance and durability;
2. Unique tread formula improves the wear resistance and service life of the tire;
3. The enhanced sidewall and shoulder design increase the service life of the tire.
Yantai Xinlong is one of leading China general tire manufacturers, offering OEM service as well as custom products. All products of general tire for sale are with comeptitive price. Welcome to contact our factory for further details.
  • Solid Resilient Tyres

    Solid Resilient Tyres

    The solid resilient tyres use shape memory alloys (mainly nickel-titanium and its derivatives) as load-bearing components for the wheels, remembering their original shape.
    These shape...

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  • forklift Pneumatic Tires

    forklift Pneumatic Tires

    Product features
    1. The forklift pneumatic tires are airtight. This tire has an airtight layer made of a special butyl rubber mixture. A rubber sealing layer of about 2-3 mm thick for...

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  • Airless Truck Tires

    Airless Truck Tires

    People often refer to tubeless tires as "vacuum tires". As the name implies, there are tires without inner tubes.
    A vacuum sealing layer of about 2 to 3 mm thick is attached to the inner...

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  • Pneumatic Foklift Industrial Tyres

    Pneumatic Foklift Industrial Tyres

    This line offers customers an additional range of tyres besides solid rubber and polyurethane products. All the tyres have a lug type tread pattern which provides optimal grip and traction in...

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  • Truck Wheel and Tires
  • Truck Wheel

    Truck Wheel

    Dear my friend, My company is a special Manufactuer and Exporter with 6 years exporting experiences. Supplying the Best competitive price, At the same time, offer the best service and quality for...

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  • Trailer Tyres