Explosion-proof Tire

Explosion-proof Tire

Yantai Xinlong Tire Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Our company specializes in producing High quality explosion-proof tire . Our company provides you withHigh quality explosion-proof tire Welcome to choose and buy. Our company provides OEM

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High quality explosion-proof tire Overview:

   explosion-proof tire as one of the wearing parts of the forklift movement, the forklift driving in the flexibility, smoothness, safety and the use of economy has a very important role, so the correct selection of forklift tires to improve the use of forklift performance, reduce the use of cost Have a very important impact. Forklift tires are generally solid tires, because solid tires do not have the risk of product puncture, and the load is also large. Forklift tires small diameter, high pressure capacity, to resist the piercing ability, an increase of vehicle safety.

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