Trailer Wheels

Features of trailer wheels 1. Small rolling resistance, no puncture ability, strong carrying capacity, suitable for airport tractors, seaports, etc.
2. Exquisite pattern design. The pattern on the tire greatly improves the wear resistance of the tire and enhances the grip of the tire. In addition, this also reduces the rolling resistance.
3. Ingenious details of the side walls. The tire has a wear-resistant tread rubber, a high-elastic intermediate rubber and a tough base rubber. These can improve the performance of the tire.
4. The main body design of the tire is wider than the existing tires on the market. In addition, the product has strong pressure resistance and good heat dissipation, which can effectively ensure that the car tire will not burst.
Advantages of trailer wheels
1. Excellent wet skid resistance and resistance to uneven wear ability;
2. The design of high satuation tread provides excellent wear  resistance;
3. High anti-skidding ability, high-speed performance;
4. The special tread design provides low heat generation and enhances durability.
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