Anti Corrosion Tires

Anti-corrosion tires are ground-rolled, circular elastic rubber articles that are assembled on a variety of vehicles or machinery. It is usually mounted on a metal rim to support the body, cushioning external impacts, achieving contact with the road surface and ensuring the vehicle's driving performance. Anti-corrosion tires are often used under complex and demanding conditions. They are subjected to various deformations, loads, forces and high and low temperatures during driving, and therefore must have high load-bearing properties, traction properties and cushioning properties. At the same time, it is required to have high wear resistance and flex resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and heat build-up.
Anti-corrosion tire products have small rolling resistance, good fuel-saving effect, no maintenance during use, long service life, wear resistance, puncture resistance, flexible steering, and stable vehicle operation. It overcomes the disadvantages that the pneumatic tire needs to be inflated frequently, the stability of the vehicle is poor, and it is not resistant to puncturing.
Anti-corrosion tires are mainly industrial machinery vehicle tires (forklifts, tractors, flatbed trailers, etc.), pipeline anti-corrosion engineering tires, are freezer, logistics, three-dimensional library, automated assembly line workshop, stone processing plant, mechanical processing plant, etc. The preferred product for venue vehicles.
Yantai Xinlong is one of leading China anti corrosion tires manufacturers, offering OEM service as well as custom products. All products of anti corrosion tires for sale are with comeptitive price. Welcome to contact our factory for further details.
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